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THE WINGED TIGER (1970) is a heist movie with a "Mission Impossible" twist. Produced by Sir Run Run Shaw, written and directed by San Kong ( Shen Chiang ).  The action direction is handled by the long time duo of Tang Chia and Liu Chia-Liang. Released on February 18th, but it feels like it was around a bit before they released it. Anyway, let's get busy!

In the world of martial arts (Jiang Hu) the supreme master created a manual summarizing all of his martial skills in it. Having two top students and knowing they would be rivals, The supreme master devised a plan whereby the one manual became two. One manual held the odd numbered pages and the other manual held the even numbered pages. Each student received one of the manuals. Many years later the manual with the even numbered pages ended up in the hands of Master Yin, "the King of Hades" and the manual with the odd numbered pages ended up in the hands of the swordsman known as "the Winged Tiger" Deng Fei . Master Yin proposed to Deng Fei that he marry Master Yin's sister: Yin Cai Fa and unite the manuals and the skills of the supreme master and rule the martial world. 

The Jiang Hu has many schools, clans and styles but they can all be divided into two categories: Orthodox and Heretic. The orthodox clans like Ermei, Wudang and Shaolin are considered the righteous clans. The heretic clans such as The Sun Moon Sect, The Heavenly Eagle Clan and Xuanming Clan are considered the evil clans. Both Master Yin and Deng Fei's clans are considered heretic clans. The orthodox clans are not happy with possibilities of the evil clans ruling the martial world and have a plan of their own to stop them.  

The majors schools of the orthodox clans recruit Flying Hero Guo Jiou Ru to first murder and then impersonate Winged Tiger Deng Fei and get the two manuals for the orthodox clans hence not having the manuals in the hands of the heretic clans and having a evil clan rule the martial world. Guo Jiou Ru agrees to take on the mission and sets off. After he has succeeded in murdering Winged Tiger Deng Fei however, two emissaries of the orthodox clans approach him and say the orthodox clans have changed their minds. They want him to destroy the manual he now has, rather than risk his life to get the other manual. Flying Hero Guo Jiou Ru insists on carrying on with the mission saying the manuals are too precious to be destroyed and should be shared with the world. Will he succeed? 

the good: Chen Hung-Lieh in his first role as a hero plays Flying Hero Guo Jiou Ru. Annette Sam Yuet-Ming in her very first role on the silver screen as Liu Yan Qing. Fang Mian as Master Liu Yi Ying and Cheng Miu as Chief of Huashan.
the bad: Tien Feng as Master Yin, King of Hades. Angela Yu Chien as Yin Cai Fa. Paul Wei Pin-Ao as You Ming. Cheng Lui as Winged Tiger Deng Fei. David Chiang in his first featured role as a villain plays Jade Face Bai Yun Sheng.

HONORABLE MENTION: Stunt and extra cameos by Wang Chung, Yuen Woo-Ping, Liu Chia-Yung, Yuen Shun-Yi and Hsu Hsia.

FIGHT TIME: THE WINGED TIGER (1970) has action choreography by the great team of Tang Chia and Liu Chia Liang. It has been a minute since these two have had any work released and I am going to say this movie does not look like a product of the 1970's. It is not uncommon for Shaw Brothers to have a project in the can and release it much latter or not at all and this movie's dust is a bit obvious, at least in my opinion but, that said, the work is up to their (Tang Chia and Liu Chia-Liang's) usual standard which is to say it is quite good. I counted 5 fight scenes including its multi-part finale but with the suspense of the hero's infiltration, there is nothing boring about this movie. Great job!

HONORABLE MENTION: The fight scene one hour into the movie was fierce as all get-out and "well worth the price of admission"! 

THE WINGED TIGER (1970) has drama, suspense, romance, sex and action, so yeah, this is a good movie! It has the first heroic role for a traditional villain and the first villain role for a traditional hero and the first appearance of an actress on the silver screen so collectors have a winner here as well! Please go out and get this movie and I'll see you next time!


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